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 F. Gauwerky
 Cello Solo
 Year released: 1999
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On this recording you can hear examples of some of the most advanced contemporary music for solo cello, played by the highly sophisticated and unorthodox cellist Friedrich Gauwerky. There are few recordings which offer such a polished, vivid and musical interpretation of the contemporary repertoire. The clarity of the sound is pure joy; this is a reminder that despite the overwhelming influx of digital media in contemporary music, there is no reason to ignore the incredible, inimitable medium of the virtuoso performer.

"Opus Breve is an almost unpleasantly persuasive piece of music in which the musical vocabulary has been reduced to its basics: the conjunction of instrument and body. It is this conjunction that Gauwerky demonstrates with more discipline, intensity and expressivity than most. He is without a doubt one of our time’s most fascinating instrumentalists". (B. Hagerup, Morgenbladet)
1-3.York Höller: Sonate for cello solo
4. Volker Heyn: Blues in B-flat
5. Tristram Cary: Messages
6. Klaus H. Hübler: Opus breve
7. Kaija Saariaho: Petals
8. Richard Barret: Von Hinter Dem Schmerz