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 JKL trio
 Year released: 1999
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This is an exciting recording in which improvised music, usually only heard live, has been cut, pasted, filtered and transformed into a series of completely new pieces. The trio is basically acoustic, consisting of piano and violin which are then subjected to manipulation. JKL is Jørgen Træen, Knut Vaage and Lars Erik ter Jung.

"The result is an impressive electroacoustic collage ranging in mood from waspish scratchness to melancholic impressionism" (Julian Cowley in The Wire, 1999)
1. Ninth take
2. Take fourth
3. Number ten
4. Mix two, edit one
5. Take twelve
6. Edit two, mix four
7. Sixteenth take
8. Take seven
9. Ninth cut
10. Paste six
11. Mix seven, edit eleven
12. First take
13. Edit four
14. Number two