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 K. Karlsson
 Sofferte onde Serene
 Year released: 2000
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On the CD Sofferte onde serene (gentle, passionate waves) Kenneth Karlsson presents modern Italian classics for piano from the previous century. The title refers to Luigi Nono’s piece of the same name. It was a natural choice for Kenneth Karlsson to record only Italian pieces on this solo CD; his fascination for the country and its music comes to life in his vivid interpretations.

"With Karlsson at the keyboard one can simply lean back and be carried away".
(B. Hagerup, Morgenbladet 29.09.00)

Kenneth Karlsson was awarded the Spellemanpris 2000 for Sofferte onde Serene.
Giacinto Scelsi:
1-4. Quattro Illustrazioni
5-11 Suite 10 "Ka"
Luciano Berio:
12. Cinque variazioni
13. Sequenza IV
Luigi Nono:
16. Sofferte onde Serene