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 Buddeberg, T. Sørensen
 Year released: 1999
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With "Wonderphones" you can listen to the sound of falling snow, water or traffic in a completely new way. T. Sørensen and Tina M.Buddeberg have constructed acoustic headphones which transform and filter everyday sounds. The interesting thing is that the sounds are transformed without the use of electronics; the sound is received acoustically and filtered according to the materials used in the headphone and their particular acoustic qualities. The results of this can be heard on this CD. This is a sort of concept recording in which each track is is accompanied by pictures of the corresponding "Wonderphone"
1. Aqualizer
2. Antennaphone
3. Open air consert
4. Traffic Transformator
5. Flirt
6. Discollizer
7. Satelite
8. Soundflute
9. Snow
10. Lull
11. Vater
12. Pels
13. Trakt
14. Jordkobler
15. Pust
16. Lydtur
17. Available light #1