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 Håkon Thelin
 a p)reference to other things
 Year released: 2004
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A ground breaking release from one of the foremost double bass players in the new music field, this is a record primed with technical precision and improvisational energy.

On this release Thelin shows not only his personal preferences towards virtuoso solo playing and powerful, communicative chamber music; his brilliant interpretations of works by Xenakis, Sørensen and Druckmann are of such a high calibre that they are destined to become reference recordings.

The musically and technically demanding Valentine by Jacob Druckmann and Theraps by Iannis Xenakis are classics of the modern double bass repertoire. Together with Rolf-Erik Nystrøm Thelin presents Xenakis’ Charisma, originally scored for cello and clarinet, here in a brand new version for double bass and saxophone. Bent Sørensen’s recent work for double bass solo, The Hill of the Heartless Giant, forms an effective contrast with its more lyrical and pulsating expression. Juxtaposed with Håkon Thelin’s own compositions for double bass and percussion, created in cooperation with percussionist Ingar Zach, this CD shows an artist cultivating a broad spectrum of musical preferences, without for one moment loosening his qualified grip on the neck of the double bass.

Håkon Thelin (born 1976) completed his diploma degree at the Norwegian Academy of Music in 2003, for which he conducted a theoretical and practical examination of percussion techniques on the double bass. He works as a freelance musician in various symphony orchestras, chamber music groups and theatres. He is a member of the new music ensemble Oslo Sinfonietta and the trio POING (with Rolf-Erik Nystrøm and Frode Haltli). He has participated in a number of recordings of contemporary music in Norway and Germany. He regularly holds solo recitals of contemporary music, and at the Ultima Contemporary Music Festival 2004 he gave the premiere performances of several of his own solo works for double bass. He also plays in the baroque ensemble Holberg Barokk.

Håkon Thelin, double bass
Ingar Zach percussion (tracks 1,4,5)
Rolf-Erik Nystrøm saxophone (track 3)
Ida Kristine Hansen violin, voice; Gunnhild Leenheer Nordahl viola, voice; Karen Flesvig cello, voice (track 1)
1. Introduction: Menuet in C (Håkon Thelin)
2. Valentine, for solo double bass (Jacob Druckman, 1969)
3. Charisma (Iannis Xenakis, 1971)
4. Intermezzo: Sonate in B (Thelin/Zach, 2004)
5. Heartbreak Motel / a dog named garage (Thelin/Zach/Torvund, 2003/2004)
6. The hill of the heartless giant (Bent Sørensen, 2001)
7. Theraps (Iannis Xenakis, 1976)