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 K. Vaage m.fl.
 Eg strøyer mine songar ut
 Year released: 1993
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Knut Vaage has set to music poems by his grandfather Ragnvald Vaage. The music was composed as a song cycle using ten poems by Ragnvald Vaage. The poems have many dramatic contrasts which are illustrated in the music. The music attempts to preserve the character of the texts while at the same time forming a link to our contemporary music tradition.
1. Bekken
2. Stille, stille
3. Eg strøyer mine songar ut
4. Røsslyng
5. Får eg likna deg
6. Mi sjel
7. Sanndrøymd
8. Gjæsene
9. Den vinden i furubaret
10. Den lange svevnen