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 S. Torjesen
 Year released: 1996
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The soprano Siri Torjesen presented on a solo CD. This recording shows how the various styles in twentieth century music have influenced each other. Kurt Weill wrote music somewhere between a classical and popular style. Accompanying Torjesen are Einar Steen-Nøkleberg on piano and Per Flemstrøm on piccolo flute. Two of the songs are for solo soprano. The title piece is a mixture of song and speech in which Torjesen diplays brilliant vocal controll.
1. Geir Johnson: Talkin/Singing for solo voice

Charles Ives: Songs
2. Charlie Rutlage
3. The Cage
4. Two Little Flowers
5. To Edith
6. An Old Flame
7. The Side Show
8. The Circus Band

9. Magne Hegdal: Make BeLieve Rag

Kurt Weill: Songs
10 Foolish Heart
11. Lonley House
12. September Song

13: Cecilie Ore: Calliope for soprano solo

Chrles Ives: Songs
14. At the River
15. A Christmas Carol
16. The Children`s Hour
17. Slow Marc
18. Down East
19. Remembrance
20. He is there!